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Remember: this is not an interactive course. You don’t have to email me the assignments – they are for your own benefit.

What if you get stuck on an assignment? Ask your team, colleagues, peers, friends and consultants for help and feedback. Hands-on help from me is NOT included. I may be able to help you on a consultancy basis, and that would be at my usual consulting fees (and bear in mind I usually have a Waiting List of many months for my services).

The whole purpose of The Leaky Bathtub is to teach you how you can do your own marketing. I want you to learn the techniques for yourself, so you can improve your business without having to engage consultants etc.

That said, if you’ve read an assignment and it’s really not making sense to you, even after you’ve re-read it, please do contact me. It’s important that the assignments work for you.

Hint: many business owners find that if they have staff, working on the assignments together is a good team-building exercise. You get the benefit of drawing on your team’s knowledge; plus they will probably feel valued and motivated because you’re including them in your planning and decision making.

Cornelia Luethi

Cornelia Luethi is passionate about marketing that generates results.

And if you have any questions about the eCourse that I haven’t answered here, please email me:

Enjoy your eCourse! 🙂


Cornelia Luethi

– Bathtub leak plumbing instructor 😉


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