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Client results and testimonials

Here’s what some of the people we’ve worked with have said about Cornelia Luethi at The Leaky Bathtub (also known as FX Marketing Limited):

Client wins prestigious business award – plus a $13,000 advertising package

Cornelia Luethi’s longest-standing client, Rubywaxx beauty therapy salons, won the Excellence in Retail at the Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards on Friday 2 November 2012. The Award was presented at a black-tie Gala Dinner at Auckland’s five-star Langham Hotel, attended by more than 500 people.

As well as writing the Award entry, I did all the data analysis, created charts, took photos, and formatted the document. (It had to be nice and pink, of course, to match Rubywaxx’s pink branding!) After the event, I also wrote and distributed Rubywaxx’s media release.

The work paid off for the client: the Excellence in Retail Award was sponsored by the NZ Herald newspaper. The prize: a $13,000 advertising package… very nice!  There were 111 entries across all categories, so winning the Award is quite an achievement.

Additionally, there was a large feature in the NZ Herald newspaper on Rubywaxx:

Rubywaxx wins Excellence in Retail Award

I did make a small appearance in the paper myself!

Ruby Francis and Cornelia Luethi at the Westpac Auckland Central Business Excellence Awards

It was quite a surprise to see myself in the newspaper with the largest circulation in New Zealand! 🙂

I’ve been working with Rubywaxx for 6.5 years, in which time the business has grown significantly. Back in 2006, the business owner had one staff member, and one salon. There are now more than 10 beauty therapists working across four salons. Being part of that business growth (and success) is a tremendous feeling.

Many congratulations to Rubywaxx for your well-deserved win!  November 2012


“I don’t often recommend services, but in this case all the results exceeded my expectations”

Barry Bridgman, Bridgman Property Management

Barry Bridgman, Bridgman Property Management

“Over the last 12 months Cornelia has been involved with website copywriting, the production of news articles, and assisting with marketing campaigns for my business. She was invaluable during the production of my website, because her expertise helped me get the most out of the website development process. By working with Cornelia, I quickly learned some of the basics about marketing, which has been extremely helpful in growing my business. Having this kind of expertise on-hand is great: I’ve been able to bounce ideas to Cornelia while sitting at my home office, and always get a quick, thoughtful and honest response.

The results of the marketing campaigns Cornelia has assisted with were immediate. I’m pleased; everyone likes to see an immediate dollar return on their investment! In fact, the results exceeded my expectations. I can write from an informed point of view here, as a number of months have passed since the completion of the website writing, article writing, and marketing campaigns. The feedback on the website has been 100% positive with an increasing number of people highlighting that they visit the site to read my news articles. And I’m finding that the Google rankings are moving strongly because of the search engine optimised content and the quality of the website.

Cornelia was good to work with. She completed all the work to a high standard: everything was completed on time and to budget. Her services are easy to retrofit into your business’s marketing/sales team. And for anyone planning on producing a new website, I would recommend that you employ Cornelia prior to a website developer being involved. It is important to have the website architecture and copy completed prior to a website developer pricing and starting on your work. You’ll need to fully understand what you want from your website before it’s constructed, and this is where you need to employ Cornelia.

I don’t often recommend services, as I’m generally hard to please, but in this case I wouldn’t have any hesitation as all the results exceeded my expectations.” October 2012

Barry Bridgman, Bridgman Property Management (

“the website is consistently generating sales and enquiries”

“I engaged Cornelia to write the copy for our new website, however she did more than just write the words! She added a lot of value to the project, and made practical suggestions throughout the process. Cornelia really listened to our needs, and worked hard to make sure we got results from our investment. Cornelia’s work really was an investment, rather than an expense. She delivered real value, and the website is consistently generating sales, enquiries and is converting well.

Cornelia is extremely professional to work with, and I’d highly recommend her to other business owners who are serious about getting better results with their marketing and online.” October 2012

Matt Cutler, Active Safety (

This comment is about Website Copy.

“Cornelia’s copywriting has made a real, measurable difference”

“Cornelia’s written some articles-cum-training modules to help the image consultants with marketing their businesses.

However, at first I wasn’t sure if there would be a benefit to this copywriting work. At first it was a bit of a test to see if the image consultants got any value from it. We’d only continue using Cornelia if we felt there was a real benefit to be had.

So have we had value from Cornelia’s writing work? Yes, it’s definitely been of real value. A specific example is that one image consultant has now made her business full-time, and she’s been able to do that because Cornelia’s tips helped the image consultant write great website content. Cornelia’s work hasn’t just boosted her confidence, it’s making a real, measurable difference to her business too.

Cornelia’s very skilled in writing in a way that’s relevant to the reader. She really understands the challenges image consultants face, and writes our material in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to us. She’s written several pieces of copy for us, and there’s more work to follow.

I’d definitely recommend Cornelia’s copywriting services to other business owners. Writing is one of those things that we think we can do well enough ourselves, but the difference between DIY copywriting and Cornelia’s writing is significant! So if you want your words to make a difference to your business, get Cornelia to write them for you.” October 2012

Jill Wilkinson, President of New Zealand Federation of Image Professionals ( and Owner of Color Me Beautiful NZ (

This comment is about Copywriting Services.

“Your newsletter is a keeper”

Melanie McIntosh, Inspire Retail Solutions

Melanie McIntosh, Inspire Retail Solutions

“Usually I’m overwhelmed with email information, so I unsubscribe from many newsletters. But your newsletter is a keeper. I just made a special Leaky Bathtub email folder so I can keep referring to the marketing articles. I’ve seen a great progression in the quality of your newsletters over time. The Leaky Bathtub is now one my top 5 favorite business e-newsletters. I look forward to the next one.

Kudos!” July 2012

Melanie McIntosh, Vancouver, Canada
Inspire Retail Solutions

This comment refers to the Marketing Tips newsletter.

“I’m usually focused on the words that create sales messages…”

Juliet Fay, Training in copywriting and content marketing

Juliet Fay, Training in copywriting and content marketing

“As a copywriter, I’m very focused on the words that create sales messages for my clients. I generally leave graphics to professional designers but in common with all small businesses I need to make my own marketing materials as attractive as possible. As I don’t have a design background I wasn’t sure how much one book could really help me. Would it be the right level for me, or assume either too much or too little prior knowledge?

When I read it, I felt as if Cornelia wrote the book especially for me and every other solo entrepreneur who doesn’t have an in house art and design department. It is packed with so many practical tips and sound advice on everything from sourcing photographs to simple photo editing.

The book takes you through the whole process of using photos in marketing materials, starting with how they can add impact to your copy. If you’re like me, you’ll find it fills all the gaps in your knowledge (including gaps you didn’t know were there!).

This is the kind of book you will keep handy on your e-book reader because you’ll want to check back on the detailed advice on every aspect of photo use. The book is easy to read and that’s because the author knows how to present ideas and make them stick. You’ll never forget the Mona Lisa effect (it’s not what you think)!

The book is crammed full of examples showing you exactly what works (and what doesn’t). It also has detailed explanations of why these techniques work.

It’s clear the author is deeply knowledgeable on her subject but also completely understands the realities of running a small business. The advice is spot on for time pressed small business owners. The sound, impartial advice on when it’s worth bringing in the professionals is invaluable for stretched budgets.

If you’ve avoided using images in your marketing material, either because you’re more of a ‘words’ person, or don’t really think images matter or because you’re unsure how to make images look professional, then this will be the best $$ you ever spent.

I have an excellent and well thumbed copy of ‘The Non Designers Design Book’,  near my desk which I reference often. ‘How to choose and use eye catching photographs for your marketing’  by Cornelia Luethi is going to be another ‘must have’ for non design people in business.” February 2012

Juliet Fay, Wales, UK
Training in copywriting and content

This is a review of the eBook ‘How to Choose and Use Eye-Catching Photographs for your Marketing’.

“I can now see my way forward whereas before it all seemed too hard”

Gaye Adsett, Equilibrium Interiors

“I had a marketing consultation with Cornelia Luethi and found it extremely helpful. In a very short time Cornelia gave me several ideas for better marketing my business and without it costing the earth!

I discovered there are many things I can do to improve what I already have in place and other cost effective methods that I can implement.

Thanks to Cornelia I can now see my way forward to marketing my business whereas before it all seemed too hard. Cornelia showed me how I can approach things step by step.

I appreciate the fact that Cornelia researched my business and my field of expertise before coming to the meeting and was therefore prepared to present me with ideas on the spot. I’m looking forward to a great year.  Many thanks.” February 2012

Gaye Adsett
Equilibrium Interiors

This comment is about Initial Marketing Consultations.

“re-writing my website content was a leap of faith!”

David Eggleton, Suits On Broadway

“I know that websites are important, but I don’t really know much about them other than that. All that website jargon is completely confusing! So I had to take Cornelia at her word when she said that re-writing the content of my website would help my Google rankings, and help to grow my business. It was a leap of faith!

Thankfully, that leap paid off. Cornelia re-wrote (and added to) my website content over a period of time. The results? Well, a year later, the number of visitors to my site had doubled. Did it lead to more store traffic? Yes, definitely. More and more people were coming in saying they’d found us via the website. I’m still getting benefit of that investment, month in, month out: it’s proven to be a very effective marketing technique. It’s been money well-spent.

Not only did Cornelia achieve what she promised, but she was good to work with too. She always took the time to explain (in plain English) what it was that she was doing, and why it was important for my business. She even liaised with my web developer for me, as that’s something I don’t enjoy doing because I don’t understand their language.

If you’re looking to get better results from your website – and grow your business – I can highly recommend Cornelia’s services. She’s friendly, professional and does a very thorough job.” November 2011

David Eggleton
Suits On Broadway

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help and Website Copy service.

“excellent workmanship and professionalism”

“I have used Cornelia’s services and have found her to be excellent in workmanship and professionalism in all that she does. I would highly recommend Cornelia’s services.”  July 2011

Roby Dummigan
Crest Commercial Cleaning

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“Cornelia saved me from wasting a lot of money”

Mohamed Mohamed

Mohamed Mohamed, MO2FIX

“Marketing can be very confusing. On one hand, I know that I need to do marketing to grow my business. But on the other hand, there are so many things I could spend money on, how do I know what’s actually going to make a difference? Besides, there are so many people selling their solutions, it can be hard for a small business owner to choose from these bewildering options.

That’s why I’m glad I engaged Cornelia Luethi at FX Marketing. She helped to identify and implement the priority projects for my business. And whenever I got approached by a sales person, I could ask Cornelia for her honest, independent advice. Having someone you trust to bounce ideas off is invaluable in business: Cornelia saved me from wasting a lot of money.

Cornelia has assisted MO2FIX with a wide range of projects, from creating a sales process; writing sale scripts; setting up and managing our Facebook Page; writing a company profile; providing ideas on how to approach strategic alliance partners; providing creative ideas for a referral scheme; writing search engine-optimised content for our websites; and a lot more besides.

The result? Lots of happy customers, because they enjoy the MO2FIX experience that we’ve created with Cornelia’s help. That means we get a good amount of referral business – and the website enquiries are really taking off now too. We’ve also signed a number of lucrative corporate contracts: Cornelia’s written work assisted us greatly with this, as it presented our workshop in a very professional way.

In short, working with Cornelia is very cost-effective, as it’s allowed us to take the short-cuts to success.

Cornelia’s work is first-rate, and she is extremely professional, helpful, friendly and prompt in her work. She has taught us a lot about marketing, and that’s given us the confidence to implement what we’ve learnt from her. I’d recommend Cornelia to any small business owner who finds marketing confusing, and is looking for helpful guidance to steer them in the right direction.”  July 2011

Mohamed Mohamed

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help, Website Audits and Website Copy service.

“I thought this book wouldn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know”

“I was referred to The Leaky Bathtub thinking, “not another book on marketing that I don’t have time to read that will tell me nothing that I don’t already know.”

OK, so I was wrong.

What I liked most was that I could whizz through it picking up practical tips that made sense. Things that I could do right now.

I loved the open engaging style which made it easy for me to read it cover to cover in one sitting.

If, like me, you are short on time but need ideas that will really make a difference to your business, then The Leaky Bathtub is for you.”  April 2011

Declan O’Brien, BA (Hons), DipM, MCIM, Chartered Marketer,
Marketing Manager, United Kingdom

This comment is about our eBook The Leaky Bathtub.

“I was worried this would be another dry textbook that repeated what I already knew”

Trisha Cupra, Blue Owl Web Design Makeovers

Trisha Cupra, Blue Owl Web Design Makeovers

“I was worried that The Leaky Bathtub would be another dry textbook that just repeated all the marketing theory I already knew back to front. But The Leaky Bathtub is very easy to read. The entertaining stories and cartoons about Sara’s broomstick repair shop have really stuck in my mind. There were some missing pieces of the marketing puzzle that have fallen right into place now.

Most importantly it’s made me realise how little of the theory (that I did already know) I actually put into practice. Rather than a dusty old boring textbook, The Leaky Bathtub is a dynamic workbook which guides you through applying what you learn to your own business.

I will be recommending The Leaky Bathtub to small business owners like myself who are completely new at all this marketing stuff, as well as to those who feel like they already know it all in their heads, but haven’t figured out a plan to actually get it done.”  April 2011

Trisha Cupra,
Blue Owl Web Design Makeovers, Australia

This comment is about our eBook The Leaky Bathtub.

“I didn’t really understand my website till I read this eBook”

“Although I have a website for my business, I don’t really know much about it or how to get it to perform better. I was hoping that the Website Owner’s Manual would enlighten me – and it certainly did.

It was particularly interesting to learn was how Social Media has leveled the playing field between large corporations (who are often tied up with red tape and procedures) and small businesses (who tend to be able to move more quickly and nimbly). So social media is something that small businesses really do need to address.

The eBook is written in a way that’s really interesting and is full of information that’s totally new to me. In fact, I found the book so absorbing I couldn’t put it down and even continued reading it at dinner in a restaurant!

I’d really recommend the Website Owner’s Manual to any business owner wanting to get the best results from their website.”  February 2011

Mark Barham
Auckland Plumbers Group

This comment is about our eBook the Website Owner’s Manual.

“helped create a point of difference in a very competitive market”

Andy Wright

Andy Wright, NG North Harbour Limited

“My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did on copywriting the content for our new website.

We are delighted with our new website and especially appreciated your suggested modifications and advice through the whole process. We have already received several comments on how outstanding our website looks and without your help, analysis and guidance, I am sure it would not have been the success it has turned out to be.

Thanks again for your help with the development of such a critical business tool, to help us create a point of difference, in a very competitive market.”  December 2010

Andy Wright, Director
NG North Harbour Limited

This client invested in our Website Copy service.

“follow the instructions – there is nothing to lose!”

Social media is very new, and not many experienced marketers understand it. Marketers often stay within their comfort zone and continue to spend excessively on mass media, with its high reach and frequency. Advertising agencies of course support this approach – this has always been the cash cow.

We must now learn to add new ways to provide rich communications to discrete customer groups. FX Marketing has lifted the veil on social media in a step by step approach to its exploration. Follow the instructions, there is nothing to lose!”

Des Brennan, Chief Executive
Yachting New Zealand

This comment refers to the Social Media eGuide that’s one of the bonuses with the Website Owner’s Manual.

“it’s hard to believe how much ground we covered in one hour”

Keith Payne

Keith Payne, Access Filing

“It is hard to believe how much ground we covered and how many achievable items I took from my initial one hour consultation with Cornelia from FX Marketing. Within two days I had actioned items recommended by Cornelia and was working on a number of others.

Cornelia had done her homework on Access Filing. I had completed a brief on my business as supplied by Cornelia and she had done an appraisal of my website.

Our meeting was easy-going and relaxed, but structured and to the point!

I also really appreciate that she came back to me with the proposal for a marketing plan exactly when she said she would.

Thank you Cornelia, I’m certainly looking forward to the results that I know you can help me achieve.”  February 2010

Keith Payne
Access Filing

This comment is about our Initial Marketing Consultations.

“I got real, constructive feedback at the consultation”

Rudy Kokx

Rudy Kokx, 0800 Errands

“Thank you so much for your consultation with FX Marketing. I expected an hour of you trying to sell me stuff but it was the complete opposite. I actually got some real, constructive feedback from you that helped me tweak my business and website.

Thank you for really listening to what I had to say, and having done your homework before meeting up. We had so much to go through in that hour, I thought it would be too short but all the questions I had were answered, and I could go home relaxed, aiming for that one percent better business.

Trust is a big thing in my industry and you certainly gained mine! I will contact you very shortly to discuss the improved future plans!!”  January 2010

Rudy Kokx
0800 Errands

This comment refers to our Initial Marketing Consultations.

“I was blown away by the amazing website copywriting”

Rachel Heem

Rachel Heem, I Style NZ

“Thank you so much for the amazing job you did writing the text for my new website! It was better than I ever imagined! I was overwhelmed when I first read it.

It was really important to me that the writing on the website reflected my personality. It was exactly the style I had in mind to appeal to exactly the right audience I hope for.

Not only was I blown away by your work, the company designing my website said they had never been delivered such well-presented copywriting before. This in turn makes their job far easier. Full credit to Cornelia!

The whole project was hassle-free for me, and produced an outcome beyond belief. Thank you again!”  August 2009

Rachel Heem
I Style NZ

This comment is about our Website Copy service.

“our website is so easy to use”

Tracey Wilson

Tracey Wilson, Bill Hayward Carpets

“I just wanted to let you know that I received from a potential client today who was very impressed with our website and asked me to congratulate the person who put it together.

She said it was so easy to use and the links all worked really well, and she actually got to look at carpet rather than just reading about it, which most other websites that she looked at seem to do. August 2009

Tracey Wilson
Bill Hayward Carpets

This comment is about our Website Consultations and Website Copy services.

“a wealth of knowledge in marketing”


Ruby Francis, Rubywaxx

“I’ve been working with Cornelia Luethi at FX Marketing for 3 years now and have always found Cornelia to be professional and prompt. What’s more, she’s always been able to help me out when I’ve had problems or questions that I didn’t know how to work out myself.

And it’s wonderful having Cornelia to bounce ideas off! She has a wealth of knowledge in marketing, and is a real pleasure to deal with.

We recently opened our second beauty therapy salon, and this coincided with Cornelia being overseas. That wasn’t an issue as Cornelia had pre-planned everything that could be, so it all ran smoothly. And the rest of the work was done by Cornelia while she was overseas, which was really awesome.”  June 2009

Ruby Francis

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“a sensible plan forward for my marketing”

Stephanie Crawford

Stephanie Crawford, Jada

“The marketing health check and report is fantastic, thanks so much!

You have given me some great ideas and it has clarified and focused me in terms of what I should be focusing on.

It’s so good to see a sensible plan forward for my marketing.”  March 2009

Stephanie Crawford
Jada Accounts & Bookkeeping

This comment is about our Initial Marketing Consultations.

“listens and adapts to our needs”

Ursula Wyss

Ursula Wyss – Hair Design

“Thank you so much for designing such an amazing website for us! It’s exactly what we imagined. Stylish, simplistic, and reflects our salon perfectly. All within the budget…Magic work!

Cornelia’s work is super professional, and her communication is outstanding. She is very respectful of our marketing budget, and always works within the means. Cornelia listens and adapts to our needs ensuring marketing is tailored to suit us, our clientele and our industry.

Her marketing skills have helped my small business to keep great relationships and rapport with our existing clients, as well as bringing new business.

Cornelia brings great ideas and most importantly puts them to action. We would recommend FX Marketing to any business in need of a boost!”  December 2008

Ursula Wyss
Ursula Wyss Hair Design

This testimonial refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help and Website Copy services.

“worth its weight in gold”

Sharon Main

Sharon Main, Aspire

“FX Marketing has made a real difference to my business: their expertise has helped me market to my target market perfectly, and as a direct result of this my business has obtained lucrative and profitable contracts. This kind of expertise is worth its weight in gold!

What’s more, doing your own marketing is so hard: I know that if I hadn’t had FX Marketing working with me I wouldn’t have achieved the same results. Best of all, it’s an absolute pleasure working with FX Marketing: Cornelia always keeps me informed every step of the way, as well as keeping me focused on the priorities. When running a business, it can be all too easy to get distracted with other tasks so it’s great to have someone there to keep me on target. With FX Marketing, I always know the status of all my marketing projects and what needs to be done next.

Working with Cornelia is always a pleasure: she’s professional, honest, as well as extremely prompt, competent and efficient. She’s totally focused on helping me achieve my goals, and delivers great ideas which are always implemented with incredible attention detail. Cornelia is also very friendly and caring – she regularly goes the extra mile. She’s just fantastic, and I can’t say enough good things about Cornelia and FX Marketing! I highly recommend them to businesses who want to get ahead.”   November 2008

Sharon Main
Aspire Mortgage & Insurance Brokers

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“totally professional”

James Backhouse

James Backhouse, JBU

“Since meeting with Cornelia the daunting situation of starting this business has been put completely under control and started to flourish before we have even started. Thanks Cornelia – I can’t wait until the next stage!

FX Marketing is totally professional: Cornelia listens and understands what’s needed. She wrote a marketing action plan for me and I could not believe how thorough it is!

I rate FX Marketing’s quality of work, service, consistency and communications with me as 10/10.”   November 2008

“clever and efficient”

“Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for FWD and JBU. I do no think the words have been thought of yet to enter a dictionary as to how clever and efficient you are and have been. I would never hesitate to recommend you. ”   March 2009

James Backhouse
JBU Limited

These comments refer to our Hands-On Marketing Help, Website Consultations and Website Copy services.

“newsletter campaigns enable us to convert business opportunities”

“Thank you for your support in the last 3 years in all things marketing and copywriting. Whatever we ask you to do you are able to match the tone of the communication to the audience that we are communicating with. This is a vital ingredient to our success.

As a company with a diverse group of customers located in all corners of the globe we place particular emphasis on our e-strategy comprising of our website and regular newsletters to our clients and candidates.

The regular newsletter campaigns allow us to reach out to dormant customers in the most efficient way effectively reducing our admin time. In addition we experience a higher volume of communication traffic in all its forms in the week immediately following the newsletter campaign, enabling us to convert business opportunities we would otherwise not be aware off in a cost effective way.”  November 2008

Kirsten Thomforde
Medical Staffing International

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“takes all the load off my shoulders”

Briar Williams

Briar Williams, Stardogs

“FX Marketing has changed my business from a small shop employing two people to a growing chain of shops and a Grooming Academy.

Cornelia has wonderful marketing ideas that don’t cost me an arm and a leg. She also tells me where best to spend my money, and then takes all the load off my shoulders by organising everything for me.

I would recommend FX Marketing to any small business wanting to become a big business.”  September 2008

Briar Williams
Dog groomer

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“consistently delivers outstanding work”

Ross Murray

Ross Murray, RedSpark Creative

“I have worked with Cornelia of FX Marketing on a number of projects and she consistently delivers outstanding work which is always right on target. Cornelia is a joy to work with and has impressed me from the first time I met her, when she showed up at our initial briefing meeting with the job already done. Talk about under promise and over deliver!

Cornelia has made us look good in the eyes of our clients time and time again.

She has also helped us to keep projects on track and on deadline for our clients by helping them to develop outstanding content for their marketing materials. This is often a stumbling block in the process without someone like Cornelia on the team.

It goes without saying, I highly recommend FX Marketing and work with them whenever I get the opportunity. I have referred many clients to Cornelia and will continue to do so.”  August 2008

Ross Murray
RedSpark Creative

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“creating a return on investment for clients”

Jerome Jacobs

Jerome Jacobs, Rise Advisory

“I’ve been working with FX Marketing for over a year, and they have constantly impressed me with their excellent service and, more importantly, creating a return on investment for its clients.

This is produced by FX Marketing’s ability to provide quality without compromise: FX Marketing truly understands clients’ wants and needs, and delivers the value which lacks in so many businesses today. I personally think it’s driven through the marketing skills and knowledge that Cornelia has gained over many years of testing and measuring marketing campaigns, which adds real value to FX Marketing’s clients.

I have found Cornelia’s professional abilities can range from copywriting to strategic long term planning: and what really sets her apart is her incredible attention to detail. The intention of FX Marketing is to take away the frustration and hassle from day-to-day marketing tasks, and it’s done wonders for some of my clients too.

Cornelia’s friendly approach and accountability makes FX Marketing a real asset to any business, and I would recommend them all day long because Cornelia understands what it takes to grow a company and the rules behind it. Enjoy!”  August 2008

Jerome Jacobs
Rise Advisory

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help and Strategic Marketing Plan services.

“like a strap-on brain!”

Matthew Luethi, Luether Enterprises Ltd

Matthew Luethi, Luether Enterprises Ltd

“I’d recommend FX Marketing to any business needing some strategic guidance and consultancy, as well as help with actually implementing the ideas. So often consultants do a lot of talking, but FX Marketing actually do the work too.

Cornelia is helpful, friendly, realistic and very good at asking the right questions to get the information she needs: she’s like a strap-on brain!

As a business owner it can be difficult to present your product in a way that’s attractive to customers: thankfully Cornelia is an expert when it comes to creating customer-focused marketing. She’s also got an amazing eye for detail: she’s an utter perfectionist who won’t rest until whatever she’s working on lives up to her very high standards.

The work that FX Marketing has done for my business primarily involved re-working my website. This included working out what to include on the site; structuring the information in a logical way; copywriting the content so that it’s reader-friendly and search engine optimised; and giving general advice and consultancy on the whole project. The result has been amazing! My business has been given a new lease of life thanks to the website. It’s continually generating worldwide enquiries for my product, to the point that I’m now spending up to two hours each day replying to all the email enquiries I receive. The website gets the top spot with Google and other search engines on a wide array of key words, and last month this attracted a massive 1,579 visitors a month to my website. My business partners are thrilled, as am I, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with FX Marketing.”   August 2008

Matthias Luethi
Silent Wind Turbine – by Luethi Enterprises

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help and Website Copy services.

“wonderful and professional job for my website copy”

Robert Huggins, Insurance Market NZ

Robert Huggins, Insurance Market NZ

“Thanks for the wonderful and professional job you have done with the copy for my new website. In business it’s always important to find people that you have a synergy with, and of course people who know how to deliver on the promises they make when appointed.

You have done this and some. I imagined that my site would be “OK” when I first started the project, but now I am over the moon with the result and the site looks professional and welcoming. So, thank you very much for your hard work and professionalism.”   July 2008

Robert Huggins
Insurance Market NZ

This comment refers to our Website Copy service.

“friendly, prompt and 100% cost effective”


Ruby Francis, Rubywaxx

“Cornelia and FX Marketing have, in the last 2 years, become an integral part of my Beauty Therapy business. Cornelia has not only helped with strategic planning but has also aided me greatly with the day-to-day operational tasks that I am neither trained, nor inclined, to complete. By allowing her to take ownership of these things it has enabled me to concentrate on my business and “do-what-I-do-well”. She is friendly, prompt and 100% cost effective.

Too often as a small business owner I think we try to be the master of planning, marketing, advertising, sales as well as whatever our core tasks are and I think this leads to an ineffective or non-profitable implementation.  Commissioning FX Marketing is a simple way to avoid this and both my bank manager and I would agree that getting FX Marketing onboard was a measurably effective decision.”   April 2008

Ruby Francis

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“professional, easy to read copy”

“Cornelia writes the text for our newsletters and some website updates. She did a great job of taking our rambling thoughts and turning them into professional, easy to read copy.

We’ve had a good reaction and it has had the desired effect of prompting some existing clients into starting some new projects with us.”   August 2007

Nigel Smith
Transformer Design

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“the turnover in my business has increased substantially”

“At the beginning of this year I engaged Cornelia to create and send out a monthly email newsletter. That is the only change I have made to my marketing program. Since that time the turnover in my business has increased substantially.

I am delighted with the way Cornelia communicates with me efficiently and promptly. She very quickly picks up the message I am trying to get out. She also has excellent input when I am stuck for a new way to tell the story of my business. I find her writing skills, design skills as well as her marketing knowledge a great help to my business – as shown in the almost immediate results.”   June 2007

Jillian Samson
Laser Skin Technologies

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“a goldmine of inspiration and success”

“Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and professionalism. The projects we have given you have always been completed ahead of time and in a manner that exceeded our expectations.

Your ideas and suggestions have been a goldmine of inspiration and success. We have already recommended you to our business associates.”   March 2007

Kirsten Thomforde
Medical Staffing International

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“absolutely brilliant”

“Cornelia you are a rock star!! This is absolutely brilliant – you have done a fantastic job! Thank you very much for all the hard work in such a short time frame. Well done!”   February 2007

Jenny Cohen
Little Engine

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“we appreciate your skills”

“Thank you for your efforts on this project, we both appreciate your skills and your patience.”   March 2007

Bill Wheatley
Fanzone Air Systems

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.

“great new ideas and concepts”

“I am very pleased with the work Cornelia has done for me. She did an excellent job on my business marketing plan. It was informative and detailed, with some great new ideas and concepts. She listened and really tried to understand my business before designing the plan.

Cornelia’s friendly and kind manner made it very easy for me to work with her. Many thanks.”   February 2007

Alvina Schonhoff
Charisma Advanced Skin & Beauty Clinic

This comment refers to our Strategic Marketing Plan service.

“I never had a moment’s worry with Cornelia in charge”

“Cornelia has just spent a few weeks helping me with our North Sails Race Clinics which is an event I started but couldn’t finish because of the arrival of my gorgeous baby girl.

She has done an amazing job, and I literally never had a moment’s worry with her in charge.”   August 2006

Zoe Hawkins-Wilde

This comment refers to our Hands-On Marketing Help.


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