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Get better results from your website with these small business marketing tips.

What is the purpose of a website?

A website is a vital business tool: it’s as essential for a business as having a phone number, or email address, or business card. But what is the purpose of a website, exactly?  How can a website help a business? In my view, the purpose of a website is 2-fold: Firstly, the website should attract […]

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How to write a Contact Us page (that actually makes it enticing for prospects to contact you!)

How to write a Contact Us page (that actually makes it enticing for prospects to contact you!)

What action would you like your readers to take when they look at your website? Do you want prospects to contact you? Perhaps to make an appointment, or to request a quote? Some kind of “Contact Us” message is the main call-to-action on most brochure-style websites. So hopefully you’ve got calls-to-action sprinkled throughout your site. (And […]

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The purpose of profile photographs in business is to look friendly and approachable.

How to build trust online with your profile photograph

Do you find that an out-of-the-blue interaction with a nice, friendly, cheery person can make you feel all smiley and glowy inside? That’s how I used to feel whenever I parked in my favourite multi-storey car park in Auckland CBD. For inside this grey, gloomy building was a cosy pocket of warmth – known as […]

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Adding your signature onto your website is a simple way to build trust - and quickly.

How to build trust online with your signature

Do you remember the last time you had to sign a document? It may have been a contract, or a form, or something authorising a payment (e.g. a cheque or Direct Debit). Signing your name makes something feel quite official, yes? Even if you didn’t read all the small print in detail, you just know […]

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Facebook takes on a whole new dimension when you're a solopreneur!

Your quick, 10-step guide to building trust online

You only have a few seconds in which to grab website visitors’ attention, and persuade them that they can trust you. How do you do that? Here are ten easy techniques you can use on your website.

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Are you using this little-known online trust building technique?

You may not even have noticed the little Copyright notices at the foot of most web pages. While it may be small, it’s a very powerful way to build trust online if you do it right. Are you making the most of this technique?

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