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Social media for customer retention

Why social media is both great and terrible for customer retention campaigns

Hello, my name’s Cornelia and I’ve been a Facebook user since 2007. Yes, it’s true, I’m a long-time Facebook user. I’ve had Facebook business Pages since 2008. And you can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In fact, at the time of writing, I’ve got 4 Twitter profiles and 4 Facebook Pages, each […]

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Does it make sense to have a Facebook Page for your small business?

The reality of Facebook Pages for small businesses

There’s been a lot of discussion on various blogs recently about the effectiveness of social media versus other marketing channels. Here’s the reality of Facebook pages for small businesses (especially for businesses in a service industry)…

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Don't risk having your Page deleted by Facebook because you've flouted their terms and conditions.

Are you at risk of losing your Facebook Page?

A number of well-known companies have lost their Facebook Page (and tens of thousands of fans) by flouting Facebook’s terms and conditions. Yep, in this online world, we’re all just a ‘delete’ button away from social media obliteration. Eek! Can Facebook really just delete a Page? Surely not! Yes, Facebook can delete your Page, and […]

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