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I'll never understand why some companies make it so hard to do business with them.

A rant about CAPTCHA (and a possible better solution)

How do you feel about “CAPTCHA” forms? You know, those awful, illegible “words” that you have to type in on some websites (usually on enquiry forms). About CAPTCHA… CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”… or in other words, it’s a test to check that it’s a human filling in the website form, not an […]

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Actions speak louder than words: you shouldn't need to spell it out that your business is

Discover the one word you should never use in your marketing copy…

There’s one word that bugs me like no other in business copy. It’s the most unnecessary, superfluous, dumb word possible. When I see it being used (which is often), I don’t know whether to snort with laughter or snort with tears. Find out what this word is, and why you should never use it in your copywriting.

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