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Unlock the secret to using photo keywords for SEO...

How to get more Google love with photo keywords

Let’s be honest… when you’re adding content to your website, adding photos can seem like a big, time-consuming pain-in-the-butt job. Chances are that adding a photograph to your new web page is the very last thing on your To Do list, and once you’ve done that, you can put your feet up for the day […]

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Are your marketing photos making or breaking your sales?

How to choose eye-catching marketing photos

When you’re choosing marketing photos to go with your copy, you need to think carefully about where you’re directing your readers’ eyeballs. Discover why the Mona Lisa Effect is a no-no for most marketing photos, and why a Non Mona Lisa image will help your message to get across more effectively. FREE Marketing Tips: When […]

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The purpose of profile photographs in business is to look friendly and approachable.

How to build trust online with your profile photograph

Do you find that an out-of-the-blue interaction with a nice, friendly, cheery person can make you feel all smiley and glowy inside? That’s how I used to feel whenever I parked in my favourite multi-storey car park in Auckland CBD. For inside this grey, gloomy building was a cosy pocket of warmth – known as […]

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The purpose of profile photographs in business is to look friendly and approachable.

Cringe-free business portrait photos: How to pose for portrait photography

For many of us, having our business portrait taken is something that’s as excruciating as going to the dentist. More so, even, because the results will be displayed in public on a website and other marketing materials for all to see. So we drag ourselves in front of the camera; grimace as we smile; and […]

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Understanding Features and Benefits and how to use them in photo captions

Not sure what the difference is between a Feature and a Benefit in marketing? This step by step guide helps you suss it out.

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Photo caption example: Premium quality dog food.

How to write photo captions that’ll get remembered

Discover the specific techniques that will help you write memorable and effective photo captions for your marketing materials.

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Photo captions are twice as likely to be read as the body copy... so it's a no-brainer that you should always use (good) photo captions.

How one measly sentence could double your readership

Readers are twice as likely to read photo captions as they are the body copy of your marketing materials. Find out how to use this to your advantage!

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