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How to check for target market viability in the post-recessionary world. Are you still on target?

Don’t wipeout! How to check for target market viability

Have you ever seen the game show ‘Wipeout’? Contestants have to complete assault courses over large pools of water – and the quickest person wins. Indeed, if contestants are too slow, the obstacle might tilt, shift or even shove the contestant into the pool below. If you snooze, you lose – but if you’re quick, you […]

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Discover Cornelia's copywriting secrets...

Small business marketing tips: The best articles from 2013

January’s a time of new beginnings – and a great time to review your marketing plans for the year. If you’re wondering what to focus your marketing efforts on this year, this round up of small business marketing tips from me, Cornelia Luethi, will help to get the ideas and motivation flowing. Cornelia’s copywriting secrets… […]

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Before you invest in a web video, make sure you're clear which video marketing strategies you're working towards.

Why do video marketing? Video marketing strategies for small businesses…

“You need to put a video on your website.” “Video marketing’s the latest thing, y’know.” … Does that sound familiar? Chances are you’ve heard plenty of folks saying things like that to you. I know I’ve heard plenty of such statements! Sure, people love watching videos. Here’s some 2013 data from YouTube: More than 1 […]

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Are your marketing photos making or breaking your sales?

How to choose eye-catching marketing photos

When you’re choosing marketing photos to go with your copy, you need to think carefully about where you’re directing your readers’ eyeballs. Discover why the Mona Lisa Effect is a no-no for most marketing photos, and why a Non Mona Lisa image will help your message to get across more effectively. FREE Marketing Tips: When […]

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It’s not cheap if it never breaks even…

Recently I met a customer, JC, for the first time. She told me: “I’ve saved thousands of dollars, thanks to you”. How so? (I was super curious, as I hadn’t met this lady before… she’d bought an eBook from me, and now we were meeting for her Marketing Consultation for the first time.) JC revealed […]

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The Leaky Bathtub

Announcing: How to grow your business through positive word-of-mouth

Wow, what great feedback I got from you, my Marketing Tips readers! It seems that the stinky fish customer service story really hit a note with you. After all, everyone has been on the receiving end of poor customer service at some time or another. (And if a company has bad customer service, then all […]

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Here’s what a stinky fish can teach you about customer service…

For years I’ve been telling clients that consistently good customer service is a far more powerful marketing (and sales) tool than anything else. In fact, all the money spent on glossy brochures and slick websites goes down the drain if your customers have a poor purchasing experience… Something I was reminded of recently when I […]

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How to check for target market viability in the post-recessionary world. Are you still on target?

Why you’re wasting your time focusing on “target markets”

Knowing whom you’re talking to is crucial when you’re writing your marketing material… this is Marketing and Copywriting 101! When writing your marketing copy, you need to be able to put yourself into your prospects’ shoes. That way, it will help you to speak your prospects’ language, and address their specific needs and problems. The […]

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How to use text messaging for customer retention.

Why SMS (text messaging) for customer retention is a double-edged sword…

Since the first text message (or SMS: Short Message Service) was sent in 1992 in the UK, it’s become the most widely used data application in the world. In 2011 there were 3.6 billion active users, or 78% of all mobile phone subscribers. So yeah, text messaging is big! (Facts ‘n’ figures are from Wikipedia: […]

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Small business marketing tips: The best articles from 2012

Happy New Year to you! The new year is a great time for marketing planning. And whatever’s on your To Do list for the year to come, you’ll find a topic here to help you. Here’s a round-up of the most popular small business marketing tips from Cornelia Luethi at The Leaky Bathtub from 2012… […]

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The key to customer retention is to get clients to climb the magic beanstalk of customer loyalty.

Customer retention doesn’t happen by itself: How to get your customers to climb the magic beanstalk of loyalty

In the ideal world we’d like our customers to come back to us again and again… after all, customers are the lifeblood of any business. No customers = no business! But don’t customers come back anyway? No! 68% of customers defect through perceived indifference: We have to put time, effort and resources into ensuring our […]

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Article writing is a smart marketing tool, because you can use the one article in so many different ways.

Why article writing is the reluctant marketer’s best friend

Ugh. There it is. Scrawled at the bottom of your To Do list: “Marketing”. Just the sight of it makes your heart sink. Ah well, you tell yourself, you’ll get round to that once you’ve done everything else on your list. Of course, that dreaded marketing task never gets completed! This is a familiar scenario […]

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Nervous about going to a networking meeting? Here’s how to prepare…

You’ve been told that networking is a great way to get more referrals – but what should you do to prepare for the meeting?

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Why you need to talk the talk as well as walk the walk

Being good at your job and walking the walk isn’t enough to get ahead in business; you need to talk the talk as well. Here are five effective ways to talk yourself up.

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Why strategic alliances are your marketing goldmine

Would you like a regular flow of new business, without having to much selling or prospecting? It’s possible if you approach alliance opportunities strategically. Here’s how to do it.

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