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Discover the 4 different ways in which you can grow customer relationships face-to-face…

There are so many awesome technologies for staying in touch these days. And I use just about all of them to keep in touch with my dad… he lives in England, on the other side of the world to me. We email each other most days; send SMS (text messages) for news we want to […]

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Business thank you cards are an easy and effective way to show your appreciation.

Business thank you cards: How to grow your business with two little words

Have you ever tried training a dog to obey some basic commands? “Sit”, “stay”, “drop”… that kind of thing. Well, the key to obedience training is to give the dog a reward when it performs a task well. That treat could be food, or a toy, or a pat… whatever motivates the dog. That way, […]

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Social media for customer retention

Why social media is both great and terrible for customer retention campaigns

Hello, my name’s Cornelia and I’ve been a Facebook user since 2007. Yes, it’s true, I’m a long-time Facebook user. I’ve had Facebook business Pages since 2008. And you can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In fact, at the time of writing, I’ve got 4 Twitter profiles and 4 Facebook Pages, each […]

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The key to customer retention is to get clients to climb the magic beanstalk of customer loyalty.

Customer retention doesn’t happen by itself: How to get your customers to climb the magic beanstalk of loyalty

In the ideal world we’d like our customers to come back to us again and again… after all, customers are the lifeblood of any business. No customers = no business! But don’t customers come back anyway? No! 68% of customers defect through perceived indifference: We have to put time, effort and resources into ensuring our […]

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