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Marketing Consultations

What are your marketing problems?

Let’s talk them through at a marketing consultation…

It can be hard to get objective feedback on your marketing, as most of the suppliers you meet want to sell you their solution, be it web design, advertising space, printed materials, etc. So the suggestions you’ll get from these people will be a little bit, um, biased.

Cornelia Luethi at The Leaky Bathtub is different. She’ll give you unbiased ideas and recommendations that have two key goals:

  • Focusing on the success of your business; and
  • Identifying the marketing tactics that’ll give you the best return on your investment.

Note: Marketing Consultations are intended for businesses located in Northland and Auckland, New Zealand. I can provide marketing consultations for businesses further afield, but additional costs will apply for travel time and travel expenses.

What will you get out of the marketing consultation?

  • No more confusion: you’ll have clarity on what you should be working on.
  • Priorities will be clear: which’ll help you plan your marketing tasks.
  • Focus: don’t get side-tracked by projects which aren’t priorities!

Some clients, especially those who do have a background in marketing, find that the consultation helps to clarify that they’re on the right track. (Sometimes it can be invaluable just having another pair of eyes look at what you’re doing!)

At the marketing consultation you’ll also be given an information pack, which is yours to keep. This contains some helpful Information Sheets which will give you a clearer idea of what’s important in marketing.

Stephanie Crawford

Stephanie Crawford, Jada Accounts & Bookkeeping

“a sensible plan forward for my marketing”

“The marketing health check and report is fantastic, thanks so much!

You have given me some great ideas and it has clarified and focused me in terms of what I should be focusing on.

It’s so good to see a sensible plan forward for my marketing.”  March 2009

Stephanie Crawford, Jada Accounts & Bookkeeping


Details of the marketing consultation

There are a number of steps to follow before we meet:

Step 1: You should realise that there’s a Waiting List for consultations

The number of initial consultations is limited – there’s usually just one marketing consultation per month.

As much as I love hearing from new clients, my existing clients who have already invested with me, do get priority.

That means there’s a Priority Waiting List, so that everyone gets seen in turn, so that it’s fair all round.

Step 2: You’ll need to complete a questionnaire before the consultation

We ask you to complete a short questionnaire and return it to us at least 2 working days before our meeting. More details are below.

Step 3: I’d appreciate some feedback after the consultation

Once you’ve had a chance to mull over our discussions at your consultation, I’d really appreciate some honest feedback from you. Did the consultation meet your expectations? What did you especially like? And was there anything you didn’t like? And would you be prepared to write a testimonial for Cornelia?

Getting this kind of feedback from you is really important to me. And it’s easy and quick for you, with the online feedback form. 🙂

Keith Payne

Keith Payne, Access Filing

“it’s hard to believe how much ground we covered in one hour”

“It is hard to believe how much ground we covered and how many achievable items I took from my initial one hour consultation with Cornelia.

Cornelia had done her homework on Access Filing. I had completed a brief on my business as supplied by Cornelia and she had done an appraisal of my website.

Our meeting was easy-going and relaxed, but structured and to the point!

I also really appreciate that she came back to me with the proposal for a marketing plan exactly when she said she would.

Thank you Cornelia, I’m certainly looking forward to the results that I know you can help me achieve.”

Keith Payne, Access Filing

How can I prepare for the marketing consultation?

Rather than spending our time together on basic questions about your business, I’d much rather come along prepared.

Therefore I’ll always ask you to complete and return a simple questionnaire to me before we meet.

Surprisingly, most clients tell me that they actually enjoy filling in the questionnaire, as it helps them to clarify their thoughts on marketing!

It’s really important that I do have this information from you, and would ask you to return it at least 2 working days before our meeting.

If I don’t have it by then, I’ll ask you if you’d like to reschedule the meeting.

You see, it’s a waste of your time and my time having a meeting that neither of us is prepared for. And it’ll be very difficult for me to make recommendations if I don’t know anything about your business.

(Being unprepared for meetings is pretty unprofessional in my book, and I’d rather not go there!)

What happens at the marketing consultation?

First of all, I’ll explain a little bit about my approach to marketing. It’s very important that we’re both on the same page when it comes to understanding what “marketing” is, as it is such a vague term!

Most of the meeting will be taken up by discussing your business; where you’re at now; where you’d like to be; and what your challenges and frustrations are.

From there, I will be able to identify the immediate priorities for you to work on, and give you lots and LOTS of ideas. (So you may want to bring along pen and paper to the marketing consultation.)

If you have a website, I’ll also give you a quick verbal website critique of what’s working well for the website, and how it could be improved.

Before we wrap up, I’ll explain how The Leaky Bathtub could work with you and outline the services available to you.

You’re under absolutely no obligation to use any of my services after the consultation. (Although if you’d like to engage me, that would be great!)

There is no pressure or hard-sell, and I never ever ask you to sign anything at this initial meeting.

Instead, I will follow up with an emailed written proposal, which I’ll ask for your feedback on.

Rudy Kokx

Rudy Kokx, 0800 Errands

“I got real, constructive feedback at the consultation”

“Thank you so much for your consultation with Cornelia. I expected an hour of you trying to sell me stuff but it was the complete opposite. I actually got some real, constructive feedback from you that helped me tweak my business and website.

Thank you for really listening to what I had to say, and having done your homework before meeting up. We had so much to go through in that hour, I thought it would be too short but all the questions I had were answered, and I could go home relaxed, aiming for that one percent better business.

Trust is a big thing in my industry and you certainly gained mine! I will contact you very shortly to discuss the improved future plans!!”  January 2010

Rudy Kokx, 0800 Errands


What happens after the marketing consultation?

If it’s appropriate, I’ll follow up with some written notes, an estimate or a proposal. If you’ve selected a Marketing Report, you’ll receive that too.

Sometimes I do meet with businesses who are looking for something that I can’t offer myself (e.g. graphic design or other specialised services).

Other times I’ve seen clients who are so clued up with marketing, that I can’t add enough value to what they’re already doing. Or in some cases, the problem isn’t actually a marketing problem: it’s a sales or human resources problem.

Can Cornelia continue working with us after the consultation?

Sometimes clients ask me if I can continue working with them after the marketing consultation.

I’ll only work with clients afterwards if I think that I can add value to your marketing, and if our businesses are a good fit.

I’ll tell you if I don’t think I’m the right person to help you. It’s pretty rare for that to happen, but I’d much rather say at the outset than run into issues further down the track. And I hope that you appreciate my honesty.

Sharon Main

Sharon Main, Aspire Brokers

“Worth its weight in gold”

“FX Marketing has made a real difference to my business: their expertise has helped me market to my target market perfectly, and as a direct result of this my business has obtained lucrative and profitable contracts. This kind of expertise is worth its weight in gold!

Working with Cornelia is always a pleasure: she’s professional, honest, as well as extremely prompt, competent and efficient. She’s totally focused on helping me achieve my goals, and delivers great ideas which are always implemented with incredible attention detail. Cornelia is also very friendly and caring – she regularly goes the extra mile. She’s just fantastic, and I can’t say enough good things about Cornelia and FX Marketing! I highly recommend them to businesses who want to get ahead.”  November 2008

Sharon Main, Aspire Brokers


Availability of Marketing Consultations

Cornelia Luethi is available for new projects and clients.

Email Cornelia to register your interest:

Please note that client projects are undertaken on a first-come, first-served basis… it’s only fair that way.

So the sooner you email me, the sooner I can start working with you!

There’s a Priority Waiting List… that way, as soon as I have time available, you’ll get early notification. First come, first served!

The Goodies

Bonus: Personalised Marketing Report

Get the most out of your marketing consultation with a Personalised Marketing Report.

We’re often asked if we can provide notes and recommendations on what’s been discussed at the marketing consultation, and voila, the Personalised Marketing Report!

This will outline your priority marketing projects so that you have a clear list of priorities to work from.

It also includes a handy check list of other marketing projects you could consider in the future – it’s an invaluable reference tool to keep and refer back to.

Initial Marketing Consultation – Special Offer

Special OfferBasic OptionPremium Option
1.5 hour marketing consultation
(Value: $232)
Travel to your Auckland premises
(Value: $155+)
Tailor-made ideas pre-prepared for your business
(1 hour of preparation time. Value: $155)
Website critique - verbal feedback on what's working well and what could be enhanced.
(Value: $195)
Personalised Marketing Report
A written report identifying the priority marketing tasks for your business.
(Value: $310)
Special Price + GST
New Zealand only
$497 + GST
Actual Value: $737
$697 + GST
Actual Value: $1,047

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If for any reason you don’t hear back from me within that timeframe, it’s probably because I didn’t receive the enquiry (computers sometimes like to take a break too!), so please do re-contact me.

Pricing and payment

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and subject to GST.

A 50% deposit is to be pre-paid prior to your marketing consultation. Once you’ve been in touch to arrange your consultation, you’ll be emailed an invoice which is to be paid in full prior to our meeting. This payment confirms your consultation.

The balance will be invoiced immediately after your marketing consultation, and payment is to be made in full within 7 days.

Cornelia Luethi

Keep an eye out for someone that looks a bit like this at your marketing consultation meeting!

The preferred payment method is direct credit to our bank account – full details will be on your invoice.


You’ll be emailed to confirm the Consultation a day or two before the meeting.

I’m looking forward to meeting you! 🙂


Cornelia Luethi  BSc (Hons) DipM
Marketing Consultant, Auckland, NZ


PS. Remember, if you have any questions at all, just drop me a line 🙂


Any questions about marketing consultations? Contact me →


All consultancy work is undertaken subject to the Terms of Business of FX Marketing Limited: the latest version is available to download from the Terms & Conditions page.

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