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Copywriting tips for small businesses

Why words are the ‘magic sauce’ that’ll help you with Attraction and Conversion

Copywriting tips for small businessesWhether you’re communicating with your prospects via your website, email, printed collateral or face-to-face, all these media have one thing in common: words.

Words can be friendly or intimidating. They can build trust or diminish it. They can be boring or they can be engaging.

So it pays to use your words wisely, as they’re your sharpest marketing weapons.

Here’s how you can sharpen your copywriting skills for more impactful marketing…

#1: How to use words to grab attention

Think that headlines are just for newspapers and magazines? Think again: the quality of your headlines has a big impact on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns:

Now that we’ve established that headlines are important, how do you write good ones that’ll get noticed (and get clicked)? Here are 4 simple but super-effective headline writing techniques you can implement right away:

#2: Why you need to fuse your words with your photographs if you really want to get noticed

Words are powerful, for sure, but by themselves they’re… boring. You need some images to liven things up, and if you do it well, this can boost your Attraction and Conversion rates.

A good photo caption does more than simply say what's in the photograph. Sharpen your photo caption writing skills with these tips!

A good photo caption does more than simply say what’s in the photograph. Sharpen your photo caption writing skills with these tips!

Photo captions are the unsung heroes of marketing effectiveness. People either don’t use this tool at all, or use it badly. But they can make an enormous difference to both Attraction and Conversion. Here’s why:

So how do you go about writing a good photo caption? Ooh, I’m glad you asked, here’s your step-by-step guide:

A core element in copywriting is knowing when to use Features and when to use Benefits. Problem is that most business owners don’t know what this is. (So if you’re puzzled, believe me, you’re not alone!)

This next article doesn’t just explain the difference, it also shows how you can write really powerful, gripping photo captions using Features and Benefits:

#3: How to use words to convert (a.k.a. Cornelia’s sneaky copywriting tricks!)

Let’s start with the basics. Communicating in a professional way means using correct spellings: incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation will deter many prospects. (Especially if there are lots of these mistakes.) Not everyone’s a walking dictionary (imagine how dull that would be!), so here your guide to overcoming some of the most common spelling mistakes:

Now we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to some really sneaky tricks I’ve learned over the years. Often these tricks are about what NOT to do (because it repels your readers) – and how to do it instead.

One of my no-nos is using negative or wishy-washy phrases such as “don’t hesitate to contact us” in business communications. Instead, discover how to use positive phrases for positive results:

And there’s one word that you shouldn’t use in your business copy, because it simply isn’t necessary. When I see it being used (which is often), I don’t know whether to snort with laugh or with tears! Find out what this word is, and why you should never use it in your copywriting:

Here’s another word you should avoid if you want to grow your email sign up list:

 #4: Why you need to use numbers as a copywriting tool too

Sales copy is there to sell. But copy is more than just words – it often includes numbers too. Learn how to use those numbers to your advantage.

Article writing is a smart marketing tool, because you can use the one article in so many different ways.

Article writing is a smart marketing tool, because you can use the one article in so many different ways.

#5: Tips on article writing

I ♥ article writing as a marketing tool. I can’t explain why in just one sentence, so here’s an article about it:

Do you like the idea of article writing too? One question I often get asked is, “how long should an article be?” Here’s my answer:

So there you have it: lots of tips on writing compelling copy, and how to use it to attract hot prospects, and then convert them. Copywriting really is the ‘magic sauce’ ingredient in marketing. 😉


Cornelia Luethi BSc (Hons), DipM
Marketing consultant and author of The Leaky Bathtub


“My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did on copywriting the content for our new website.

We are delighted with our new website and especially appreciated your suggested modifications and advice through the whole process. We have already received several comments on how outstanding our website looks and without your help, analysis and guidance, I am sure it would not have been the success it has turned out to be.

Thanks again for your help with the development of such a critical business tool, to help us create a point of difference, in a very competitive market.”

 – Andy Wright, Director, NG North Harbour Limited

Let me, Cornelia Luethi, show you how to stop your prospects from leaking away!

Let me, Cornelia Luethi, show you how to stop your customers and prospects from leaking away with some cool copywriting tricks!

I regularly write fresh articles on attracting more prospects!

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