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Need some better ideas for your marketing? The Leaky Bathtub has practical marketing ideas for small businesses.

Need some better ideas for your marketing? The Leaky Bathtub has practical marketing ideas for small businesses.

Are you confused by small business marketing?

Are you fed up with guessing which marketing campaigns will work?

Have you spent more money than you care to imagine on marketing campaigns that simply haven’t worked?

Or maybe you’d like to avoid making costly mistakes in the first place – and would like some shortcuts to getting your marketing humming?

If that sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. 🙂

Marketing a small business can be hard

Marketing a small business is hard because you’ve generally got limited time and limited resources – but still need to get results.

On top of that, when you’re marketing a small business you have to contend with commissioned sales people foisting their wares onto you. How are you meant to know which of their solutions will fly – and which ones are money down the drain?

The Leaky Bathtub is here to help prevent your marketing money from going down the drain!

How does The Leaky Bathtub help you make wiser marketing choices?

You can discover how to make wiser marketing choices in a number of ways:

  1. Free Articles: You’ll find a stack of small business marketing tips on this website, packed with things you can implement right away at very little cost. Read these free articles on my marketing blog.
  2. One-on-one consulting services: These services are available to small business in New Zealand, and are based on The Leaky Bathtub Principle… so there’s a strong focus on cost-effective techniques (like inbound marketing and customer retention). Read more about marketing consultancy services here.

About the one-on-one consulting services:
You’re likely to be successful working with me if…

1. You’re a small business, home business, or micro business

Small business marketing is a bit different to marketing a large corporation. The difference? Budgets! A small business generally has a smaller budget which needs to streeeeeetch as far as possible.

Therefore every dollar you spend needs to be a dollar well invested. And that’s also what makes my job fun for me – seeing my clients do well by making smart, informed investments in their small business marketing.

2. You provide high quality products or services

Again, this might seem obvious, but it’s important too. The Leaky Bathtub’s small business marketing tactics work really really well for quality products and services… but they won’t work if you’re just out to make a quick buck.

3. You realise that marketing takes time and effort

Sorry, but there are no magic wands. Marketing results are achieved through consistent, repeated effort.

(If there were some kind of magic wand in marketing, we’d all be sitting sunning ourselves on a tropical island 365 days a year!)

4. You’re willing to learn – and take advice

I’m here to help you, and share my knowledge with you. I’ve been doing what I’m doing for a long time now, and the marketing tactics really do work. They work for me, and they work for my clients.

The best results come from the business owners who take everything on board and follow my advice. Likewise, those people who deviate or ignore the advice tend to lose their way and don’t achieve great results.

If you’d like the best possible results, I recommend that you implement the tactics suggested, which are all about helping you make wise marketing choices.

5. You’re happy to work via email most of the time

Although we may begin with a marketing consultation, most of the liaison thereafter will be by email. I can be hard to get hold of on the phone (as I switch it off when I’m copywriting… which is most of the time!)… if you’d like to speak on the phone, it’s best to pre-arrange a time that suits both of us. 🙂  Of course, if you’d like to meet again or chat, just let me know.

6. You’re happy to take a planned approach to your marketing

Well-planned marketing gets the best results… sure, sometimes tactics need tweaking as a response to the market, but constant chopping and changing or leaving things till the last minute will result in frustration. I never take on rush jobs; instead, I’m here to plan out your marketing so it all runs like clockwork.

While we’re talking about timing, that leads me neatly on to the topic of availability…

Cornelia Luethi is available for new projects and clients.

Email Cornelia to register your interest:

Please note that client projects are undertaken on a first-come, first-served basis… it’s only fair that way.

So the sooner you email me, the sooner I can start working with you!

Cornelia Luethi

Cornelia Luethi is passionate about marketing that generates results for your business.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the wealth of marketing resources on this website, and if you have any questions, please do contact me!


Cornelia Luethi  BSc (Hons), DipM
Marketing consultant, copywriter and author at The Leaky Bathtub

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