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Are you confused by small business marketing?

It’s no wonder that you’re confused by small business marketing! After all, there’s so much information out there, it’s overwhelming.

Then all these new fads come along, and you’re supposed to somehow make sense of it all. How are you meant to get your head around that, as well as doing all the other stuff in your business, like admin, sales, maybe managing a team, and actually running your business?!

Are you looking for better small business marketing results - but on a budget?

Chances are, you’re an ‘accidental marketer’ who’s not enjoying being thrown in the deep end…

You probably didn’t choose to do marketing: maybe you’ve discovered it’s a bit of a necessary evil.

Here’s the good news: Cornelia Luethi at The Leaky Bathtub is here to help you! That means getting better results from your small business marketing, and without spending an arm and a leg in the process (yes, it’s possible to do both!)

“Too often as a small business owner I think we try to be the master of planning, marketing, advertising, sales as well as whatever our core tasks are and I think this leads to an ineffective or non-profitable implementation. Commissioning Cornelia is a simple way to avoid this and both my bank manager and I would agree that getting her on board was a measurably effective decision.” – Ruby Francis, Rubywaxx

Why Cornelia Luethi at The Leaky Bathtub will help to grow your small business cost-effectively

I’ll take away that marketing overwhelm by helping you focus on the campaigns that’ll get the best returns for you.

Invariably, that means focusing on your customer conversion and customer retention first. (And that’s what The Leaky Bathtub Method is all about.) If you’re looking for someone to help you with advertising, direct mail and other costly promotional methods, I’m not the right person for you. Why? I don’t want to waste your money… these expensive techniques are rarely effective in small business marketing.

“Thanks to Cornelia I can now see my way forward to marketing my business whereas before it all seemed too hard. Cornelia showed me how I can approach things step by step.” – Gaye Adsett, Equilibrium Interiors

How can I help you with your small business marketing?

Here’s how I can help your small business marketing easier, less costly, and more effective:

1. Marketing blog

You’ll find the very latest small business marketing tips on my marketing blog.

Topics include: Copywriting, Customer behaviour, Customer loyalty, Customer retention, Email marketing, General small business marketing tips, Marketing photography and Websites… and a whole lot more besides!

2. One-on-one marketing consulting

Need help figuring out what your marketing priorities are? Not sure if you’re focusing your resources in the right area? I can help you with that. I’ll help you suss out what’s going to fly; and what won’t. Most customers find that investing in marketing consulting actually saves them money, because wasteful, ineffective marketing campaigns are eliminated.

This service is especially for small businesses in Auckland, New Zealand. Read more about marketing consultancy services here.

Barry Bridgman, Bridgman Property Management

Barry Bridgman, Bridgman Property Management

“Over the last 12 months Cornelia has been involved with website copywriting, the production of news articles, and assisting with marketing campaigns for my business. She was invaluable during the production of my website, because her expertise helped me get the most out of the website development process. By working with Cornelia, I quickly learned some of the basics about marketing, which has been extremely helpful in growing my business.

The results exceeded my expectations, and Cornelia was good to work with. She completed all the work to a high standard: everything was completed on time and to budget.

I don’t often recommend services, as I’m generally hard to please, but in this case I wouldn’t have any hesitation as all the results exceeded my expectations.” – Barry Bridgman, Bridgman Property Management, Auckland

Read more about marketing consulting →

3. Copywriting services – Words By Cornelia

Do you like Cornelia’s writing style here at The Leaky Bathtub? You can engage her to write online marketing copy for you. Full details are at her other website,

Do you like Cornelia's writing style here at The Leaky Bathtub? You can engage her to write online marketing copy for you. Full details are at her other website,

Cornelia specialises in SEO website copywriting (i.e. website content that Google will love as much as your prospects will!) plus article writing for blogs and newsletters.

Read more about copywriting services →

Where to start with this website?

Cornelia Luethi

As your bathtub leak plumbing instructor, Cornelia Luethi will show you how to stop your customers (and prospects) from leaking away!

If you’re new here, I’d suggest that you browse through all the most recent, up-to-date small business marketing tips and know-how on the Blog.


And if you have any questions, please get in touch, it’s always good to hear from you. 🙂


Cornelia Luethi  BSc (Hons), DipM
Marketing consultant, copywriter and author at The Leaky Bathtub

Goods and services provided by FX Marketing Limited (New Zealand) as per the Terms of Business


How to make The Leaky Bathtub Marketing Method work for your  small business →

… Or discover more about my small business marketing consulting services – exclusively for small businesses in Northland and Auckland, New Zealand.






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